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"The Parousia"  by James Stuart Russell
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Section 1
Evidence from Genesis of the Deity of the Lord. Angel of the Lord. Who is he ?
The Angel of the Covenant. John 1.1 in explained in detail.
Testimony from the Book of Revelation

                                        1.       The Fundamental Doctrine of Christianity.
                                        2.       The exposition of John 1.1   
                                        3.       More evidence from the New Testament. 
                                        4.       The Plural of God in the Old Testament.
                                        5.       Who is the Angel ( Michael ) of the Covenant. 
                                        6.       The Glory of the LORD
                                        7.       The Doctrine of the Holy Spirit.     
                                        8.       Summary.

Section 2
Mathematical proof for an unbelieving age that Genesis is
the true account of the Origin of the Universe. Immutable evidence.
Evidence from the Shema. Deut 6.4 and John 1.1

                                           9.       Investigation of Gen 1.1
                                      11.       Evidence in the New Testament.
                                      12.       Numerical Geometry.
                                      13.       Algebraic Analysis.
                                      14.       The Shema.   
                                      15.       Other Languages, English, French and German.
                                      16.       Numerical analysis of John 1.1.
                                      17.       The analysis of Pi,
ð, 22/7, e, 2.718
                                      18.       Numerology.   
                                                  Factor Table
                                                  Tables, Triangular, Hexagon, Hexagram, Prime

Section 3
Clear evidence that Jesus Christ is the prophesied Messiah sent to Israel at the time of the Roman Empire.The exact time of his first appearance as prophesied
by Daniel the Prophet and a New assessment of the Second Advent.
This Advent took Place in AD 70.
The view that the Second Coming is a past event is called the Preterist View.
This Book explains Modified Preterism
What is the next major event in human history ?

                                19.       70 Weeks of Daniel 9:24.
                                      20.       70 Weeks verse 25.
                                      21.       70 Weeks verse 26.
                                      22.       70 Weeks verse 27.


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